Welcome to Beacons of Love, celebrating our emergence as beings of balance and harmony through active alchemy!

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Innisfil Canada

This is a call to YOU, the Ancestors of Tomorrow, to open with greater awareness to what it means to be an elder in the world today. This is a Gathering to explore what it means to be a person of wisdom. 805-464-9918

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The Way Beyond

The Way Beyond is a year long program of mastery and manifestation, of divination and destiny. It is a process of awakening and activation that will guide you to the conscious choices of your soul's true calling.

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Mayan Journey 2019

Heartbeat of an Evolving Cosmovision. We will be joined by Miguel Angel Vergara in Palenque and be welcomed by Olmeca and masters of light on a new incredible journey this April 3 -17th
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Beacons of Love - Offerings

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The Fifth Tarot is the deck for the transformative times we live in. Includes the Fith element and ether suit! - 92 cards - 352 page book.

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