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    Beacons of Light your place to shine

    Beacons of Love

     Your place to shine

     Creating harmony

     Embrace your true Self

     Expanding consciousness

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    Lotus as symbol of purity

    Sacred Synthesis

     Access your divine blueprint

     Conscious co-creation

     Shamanic sessions

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    Mayan journey group in 2010
    Ceremony @ Hot Springs Journey
    Rose window @ Magdalene journey

    Sacred journeys,

    for cosmic visionaries

     Ceremony and initations

     Stellar activations

     Universal dreaming

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    Weaving the web of our luminous body

    Wisdom keepers

     Indigenous teachings

     Cosmic university

     Conferences & classes

Welcome to Beacons of Love, celebrating our emergence as beings of balance and harmony through active alchemy!

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Hot Springs Journey

Sacred Journey to the Crystal Grid & Healing Waters Hot Springs, Arkansas • June 1 - 8, 2018 A magical adventure to the clear crystal quartz capital of the world, located within the Heart of the Dove Grid

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The crystal skull, Opheleah is a conduit of love and peace. She carries the energy of celestial Grandmother, attuning us to unity consciousness.

Beacons of Love - Offerings

The Fifth Tarot class from Martien Bakens on Vimeo.

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The Fifth Tarot is the deck for the transformative times we live in. Includes the Fith element and ether suit! - 92 cards - 352 page book.

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