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Books by Teressena and Martien

Peace Moon is the true story of the author's journey of awakening and becoming. Through a series of mystical and magical events she is initiated into the realm of the sacred, remembering and reclaiming her divine self. Told with warmth, compassion and understanding, the author shares her amazing transformational journey, offering profound insight into the divine feminine and inner peace. The messages of universal truths and wisdom revealed in her story will awaken your own inner knowing. Peace Moon is a divinely inspired story about the journey of the self to the Self.

"It is easier for me to follow this path of love, truth and peace having read Peace Moon. Tomorrow I will pass your book along to a soul sister. Please let me know if there is ever a sequel." - Dominique, Saskatoon, Canada

"What a gift! I am amazed how much rang true to my own life, the feelings, thought processes, attempts to find oneself and break unwanted patterns. YOur courage in following your inner guidance even when it seemed to make little sense, inspired me to vision and action of releasing what no longer serves my highest good." - Meredith, Seattle, WA

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Teachings of the Serpent takes the reader on a journey into the mystery and gnosis contained in the wisdom teachings of the serpent. Through a series of dreams, meditations and shamanic ceremonies, the author shares insights and experiences of awakeing to the Serpent of Light. From the creational aspects of the snake goddess to the transformational energy of teh feathered serpent, Teachings of the Serpent evokes our own remembrance of the primordial archetype and the universal truths found in the cosmology of the serpent fo the infinite. Beautifully written and illustrated, Teachings of the serpent invites and inspires the reader to a deeper recognition of their own divien nature as a luminous being of eternal light. Enter Teachings of the Serpent and embark on a mystical jounrey of your own awakeing to the serpentine energy of infinite light.

"If you've ever wondered why a serpent showed up in you waking or dreaming life, read this book. Discover the wondrous depth of serpentine power. Absorb and reflect its divine creativity. Allow yourself to be transformed, awakened and alive!" - Saranagati, Hot Springs, AR

The Fifth Tarot deck set reinforces our oneness with the natural world, introducing images of nature to represent the FIVE elements - fire, water, air, earth and ether. The ether suit addresses the higher vibrational gifts emergin through the activation of our DNS, our evolving crystalline struectures and our awakening as multi-dimensional beings. The images represent aspects of the natural world and archetypes that reflect the divine feminie, divine masculing and sacred union. The Fifth Tarot is a tool that offers transformative insight into infinite possibilities for remembering our divine blueprint.

"Finally, a trot deck that represents and reflects the harmonics and vibration of the now. The Fifth Tarot deck is incredibly beautiful and inspires hope, personal empowerment and a consciousness that can help humanity create a harmonious personal existence wiht the worlds around them. A must-have deck for anyone looking to move forward, embracing the current new energy and beyond." - Deborah Deuel, Innersoulutions