Classes and Workshops


remembering our innate ability as powerful creators

This course is designed to assist in clearing any blocks or limiting thought patterns around our creative self and expanding into our unlimited potential as powerful creators. This is a playful, joyful approach to remember our childlike spontaneity and tap into our imagination. Participants will discover new ways to connect with the infinite source of all creation and allow that energy to inspire, infuse and flow through your creative expressions.
Participants will be given an understanding of how to work with the dynamic energy of fire to create, the flow of water to birth new ideas, the power of air to manifest, the strength of earth to bring into form and the prana of the ethers to infuse and inspire. We will explore how colors “sound”, how music “looks”, expanding into multi-dimensional aspects of our unlimited potential. Through the process of creating tangible expressions of artistry, we begin to understand how to work with these powerful creative forces to create our lives and the world around us.

Journey of the Shaman

living in harmony and right relationship

This class offers an introduction to shamanism as a way of being. The shamanic approach is one of living in harmony with nature and all our relations. It is about listening to the wisdom of nature and seeing the magical in the mundane. Martien and Teressena will share wisdom teachings that have been passed on to them by Native American medicine men and women, Mayan nazuls and Peruvian shaman. Participants will learn some basic shamanic practices AND receive a rite of initiation. The workshop includes sacred ceremony to synchronize our hearts with the Earth's rhythm and the pulse of the cosmos.

Shaman's Vision

a shamanic approach to discovering and living with vision

This workshop is an intermediary workshop that offers an opportunity to learn basic shamanic techniques, tools and practices for expanding our abilities to travel between the realms. Participants will go through an initiatory process that includes:
• Shaman's Death
• Mini Vision Quest
• Give-away Ceremony
• Hour of Power and Sacred Ground
These experiences are both magical and mystical, creating openings for profound insight and transformation on our soul's journey. The experience allows us to go beyond our current perception of our self and the world around us, to enter an expanded sense of who we are in the grand expanse of the cosmos. It empowers us to live with vision and co-create our destiny. We become active participants in the collective vision of dreaming the world into being.

Medicine Wheel

Walk in Beauty, Walk in Balance by understanding the Sacred Center

The Medicine Wheel is more than an indigenous tradition. The Medicine Wheel is a circle of power that assists us in keeping balance and Ayni (right relationship) in our life. It is a path that assists us in the discovery of our authentic self and the divinity within by understanding the seven directions. It is when the six directions are in balance that we stand in the center of the wheel, the place where we reside in our heart of hearts. Drawing from the philosophy and wisdom of Native American, Mayan and Peruvian medicine wheel teachings, this experiential workshop focuses on how to reside in the center of the wheel and empowers us to embody and integrate the medicine wheel within.
Participants will:
• explore the medicine wheel within
• create a personal medicine wheel shield
• begin a medicine bundle
• receive an initiation & earth keeper rite
• share in sacred ceremony

Love, Lover and Beloved

expanding the heart through love and compassion

An experiential class with practical applications that will open the heart to deeper understanding of the essence of Love. This life-enriching course offers wisdom teachings on sacred union, within the self, with another and with the divine.
• Explore aspects of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within the self
• Learn how to work with these energies to create harmony and wholeness
• Delve deeper into the various types of love expressed within relationship
• Understand how to bridge the Heart of the Earth with the Heart of the Sky
• Enter the Heart of Hearts to experience Oneness with all our relations
• Express the beautiful dance of Love, Lover and Beloved with the Divine
Participants will be inspired through poetry, art, music and ceremony to attune to the frequency of unconditional love and carry that vibration in their heart, their home and in the world.

Crystal Skull experiential playshop

Crystal Skulls...What are they?
Where do they come from?
How do you work with them?
Teressena and Martien will offer an enlightened presentation on the stories, myths and truths surrounding crystal skulls. They will share their experiences working with ancient and contemporary crystal skulls over the past eleven years as well as teachings share with them by Mayan master, Migueal Angel Vergara, who transcribed the messages of the crystal skulls found in the Madrid Codex.
Teressena is the guardian of the crystal skull, Opheleah, who embodies the fifth world ray of unity consciousness. Attendees of this workshop will have the opportunity to experience Opheleah first-hand in a group meditation with sacred sound activations.
Participants will gain understanding of how to work with crystal skulls with specific practices and techniques for communicating with them.
• bring a crystal skull to have it activated with Opheleah
• learn techniques for communicating with your crystal skull
• receive special Mayan wisdom teachings on how to work with crystal skulls
• experience a hands-on meditation and activation with Opheleah
• learn how to expand consciousness with crystal skulls


a shamanic approach to working with our dreams

Dreaming is an opportunity to access other realms and states of consciousness. With focused intent we can work with our dreams to effectively “dream the world into being.”
Dreamtime is a sacred practice that involves understanding the energetics of the dreamweave.
Participants will learn techniques to help with remembering dreams and creating awareness for lucid dreaming.
Attendees will receive new methods for enhancing their understanding of these energetics and practical applications for expanding the gifts of the dreamtime.
• learn techniques for remembering dreams
• gain understanding of dreaming as a spiritual practice
• learn how to dream with intention
• receive instruction for activating the seeds of your dreams
• learn how to bridge the dreamtime and the waking time
• understand the co-creative process of dreaming the world into being