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Hot Springs Journey

Crystal cluster

An Invitation June 1 - 8 Crystal expedition

Sacred Journey to the Crystal Grid & Healing Waters Hot Springs, Arkansas • June 1 - 8, 2017 A magical adventure to the clear crystal quartz capital of the world, located within the Heart of the Dove Grid

...and exploration

Participants will join in ceremony with the earth keeper crystal beings to awaken the crystal consciousness within our light bodies. For thousands of years this sacred site was known as Ma-na-ta-ka®(Place of Peace - the Unbroken Circle). Elders of many nations made long pilgrimages to this magnificent place to perform ceremonies and share the gift of the curative waters called No-wa-sa-lon (Breath of Healing). They received other special gifts like healing stones, healing clay and healing herbs to enhance their journey through life.
We have been facilitating sacred journeys for 17 years and continue to be awed by the magic of each trip. We take small groups to allow for personal experience and collective co-creation of ceremony.

Mayan/ Olmec

House of Royal arts of palenque

April 23 - May 2 2018:
This journey takes us to the beautiful Mayan site of Lubaantun, the place the Mitchell Hedges skull was found. It is an experiential journey to work with the energies of the crystal skulls relating to our own crystalline make up. More journey info T.B.A.

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Rennes le chateau, tour magdala

2017 :Mary Magdalene has been called Apostle of the Apostles, the Beloved Disciple, Bride of Jesuha, and Priestess of Isis. She is known to have been a seer, healer and mystic. This journey invites you to connect wiht the sacred feminine and the hidden wisdom of the Magdalene in the south of France and within yourself. As initiates on a pilgrimage, we embark on an adventure into the mysteries of the sacred. Together in ceremony and meditation we will radiate the compassion, love and light of the Great Goddess, the Divine Mother to all sentient beings.

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Hot Springs

Hot Springs crystals

Hot Springs June 2017, Arkansas was known to the indigenous people as Manatanka and the Valley of Peace. It is a significant place on the light grid of the earth because of the large deposits of clear quartz crystal, the sacred waters of the springs, and the Ouachita Mountains. Participants on this journey experience these amazing energies through crystal digs, ceremony, activations and initiations. It is a powerful journey of clearing, attuning and aligning with the new earth frequencies.


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