Experiences with Opheleah


The first day she came into my guardianship, I had an aura photo taken after communing with her. My aura photo showed the geometry of a double terminated crystal over my heart chakra and three pyramids over my crown. I sensed she was showing on an energetic level how she assists in opening the heart to expand consciousness.

Crystal Skull Session

Opheleah loves group meditations and is also available for private sessions. The session begins with an activation using sound, gemstones and mantras to raise your vibration and frequency for the experience. As a being of unconditional love and deep wisdom, Opheleah offers healing, wisdom and expansion. She can assist in DNA activation by bringing in light codes and adjusting your frequency to connect with expanded states of consciousness. Sessions often bring about great clarity and peace.

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Blessing the energy we work with
Leandro the carver and Teressena

Leandro, Opeleahs's carver with Teressena

Opheleah is an ancient crystal being and a contemporary skull, carved by Brazilian master carver Leando da Souza. While she has been with several ancient skulls exchanging energies and information, she is here to help us attune to the cosmic consciousness and new energies of the Fifth World.

Opheleah's first showing at Tahoe

Opheleah's first ceremony at Lake Tahoe

The photo above was taken after a ceremony at Lake Tahoe. Opheleah turned a lustrous aqua blue color and stayed that way for 40 minutes after. She continues to teach us in amazing and beautiful ways. This was the first time she had mentioned she works with the waters of the mother.

Wow, so impressive how she shares

Wow, so impressive how she shares

Opheleah is a carrier of Peace, assisting humanity in unity consciousness through the heart of hearts. She has much wisdom to share with all who connect with her. Notice the rainbow light and stars at her crown.

Opheleah, at Dos Amates ceremony

Opheleah, at Dos Amates ceremony!

The sacred waterfall of Dos Amates in the Olmeca area, is an amazing potal to other dimensions and states of consciousness. Opheleah assisted in initiation to raise our vibration to be attune to the magical energies of this sacred space.

The Grandmother at Copan & Opheleah

The Grandmother at Copan & Opheleah

Opheleah carries the wisdom of the Grandmothers. She is the guadian of the children's children's children. Here we see her with a large sculpture at Copan of the Grandmother.

Opheleah at Palenque sharing

Opheleah at Palenque sharing!

Often times Opheleah leads us somewhere without knowing the purpose it is to serve. Yet always someone is there waiting. At Tikal in Guatemala a beautiful young boy had a profound experience with Opheleah. He saw a group of beings all in white come to him. His mother expressed deep inner peace from Opheleah.