Opheleah at the World Mysteries Conference

Singing Buddies

We attended the World Mysteries Conference in 2010, one month after becoming the guardian of Opheleah. There were many guardians of crystal skulls from around the world that were presenters at the conference. There were ancient skulls from Mongolia, South Africa, Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico, Russia and unknown origins. Many of these skulls were lined up on the platform that served as the stage for the speakers. During one of the lunch breaks I took Opheleah to commune with these skulls. As her humble guardian, I knelt with her in front of each skull so that they might share whatever it was they had to share with each other. When I knelt with her in front of the fourth skull,

I audibly heard them toning. It was quite extraordinary.I stayed there until it was complete, then continued down the row of other skulls. When I reached the ninth skull with Opheleah, the same thing occurred. The ninth skull and Opheleah started “singing” only this time the fourth skull joined in creating a exquisite harmonic chord. The experience was profound. I sensed Opheleah was sharing with me how the skulls carry specific frequencies. When soul groups of skulls are brought together they create elaborate energetic mandalas of color, light and sound that resonate these frequencies into the light grid around the planet, attuning earth and humanity with the music of the spheres in the cosmos.

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Blessing the energy we work with
Opheleah at Copan after ceremony

Opheleah at Copan after ceremony

After one of our sacred ceremonies on a Mayan journey at the site of Copan in Honduras, everyone was reveling in the sweet energy. Sweet Opheleah sharing her light and love.

Opheleah at Copan

Opheleah, Wisdom Keeper

Some of what Opheleah has to share is a deep sense of inner peace. In a place of stillness we can connect deeply with our own inner wisdom and receive the guidance and insight we are seeking. As a wisdom keeper, Opheleah helps us to let go of the mind and listen to the inherent wisdom of the cosmos and remember our place among the stars.

Opheleah ancestors?

Skulls at Copan

Skulls are often depicted in Mayan carvings and temples. The skull represents the death of the ego, mystic death for true transformation of the spirit. Letting go of ego and allowing the heart to lead, creates the opening for higher states of consciousness.

Opheleah portrait

Infinite Light!

Crystal skulls are here at this time to help us remember that we ARE crystal beings of light; to connect with our own skulls and attune to awaken to our authentic self. We are infinite being of love and collectively can dream a world of peace and harmony into being. Remember you are Light, only Light,Infinite Light!