Sacred Waters Ceremonies


Opheleah guided us to create ceremony at sacred bodies of water. Immersing her in the water, the waves carry the frequency of unity consciousness to the waters of the Mother. Calling upon the sacred mountains, it anchors the energies into the earth. And calling upon the whales and dolphins it carries the energy into the ethers. The first time we conducted this ceremony was at Lake Tahoe. She turned an aqua blue translucent color and stayed that way for 40 minutes afterwards. She told me that this is the color of the ray of unity consciousness in the Fifth World.


We have subsequently assisted her with this ceremony at many sacred bodies of water - Lake Atitlan, the Sea of Taiwan, both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, a glacial lake in the Sierra Nevada, and Lake Ouachita. On the autumn equinox in 2010, we orchestrated with several crystal skull guardians from around the world to perform this same ceremony. Some of the sacred waters included Lake Pakal in Russia, Lake Titicaca, the Great Lakes, Lake George and Lake Koocanusa in Canada.


We invite you to create sacred water ceremonies where you live.

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Teressena and Opheleah at Copan
Opheleah at Bishop at Alpine lake

Opheleah at Bishop at Alpine lake

Martien and I and our friend Mary hiked into the Sierra Nevada Mountains to this pristine Alpine lake to again do a sacred waters ceremony with Opheleah. It was a beautiful clear day and a wonderful celebration of light, peace and beauty.

Opheleah at Bishop

Opheleah at Bishop!

After the ceremony we place Opheleah on a rock at the edge of the lake. Incredible rainbow prisms of light radiated within Opheleah, sharing the vibration of unity consciousness for all sentient beings out into the ethers and the light grid around the planet. Thank you Opheleah for sharing your gift with all of us.

Opheleah Coloring!

Ray of Unity Consciousness

This photo captured Opheleah after the sacred waters ceremony at Lake Tahoe. You can see what a incredibly beautiful shade of aqua blue she became. Quite a contrast to her usual look as a crystal being. It is great when she helps us to see the actual shift in energy created through our intention during ceremony.

Opheleah Kaleidoscopic

Opheleah Kaleidoscopic!

Martien created this exquisite mandala of Opheleah. Using one of the photos where she exhibited the translucent blue color, Martien generated this kaleidoscopic image. When crystal skulls come together in groups of 13 they harmonize specific frequencies that create beautiful mandalas of color and light, much like what we see here.