The Way Beyond

A self-mastery program to go where you've never gone before

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The Way Beyond

The year of 2018 carries the vibration of the master number 11. It will be a year of self-mastery, affording us the opportunity to spiral up into the next level of awareness on our soul path. 2018 opens possibilities for us to make decisions and take decisive action to channel our energy into something greater than we may have even dreamed possible and bring it into manifestation.
This coming year is an invitation to evolve. To master our thoughts, our emotions. To master our mind and focus our attention, making sure that our Attention matches our Intention. What do you choose to master this year? What do you choose to manifest in your life?
The Way Beyond is a year long program of mastery and manifestation, of divination and destiny. It is a process of awakening and activation that will guide you to the conscious choices of your soul's true calling.

What does this process involve?


  • The Way Beyond self-mastery program begins with an initial consultation to clarify and set your intention. You receive a customized essential oil blend, specifically created to support your intention and a crystal gift that is aligned with the energies to support your intention.

  • Together we will create a 13 Moon Spread that offers an overview, the big picture. This serves as a container for your intention and a guiding light to carry you through 2018.

  • Each month on a scheduled phone session you will receive a tarot reading that helps to bring into focus the necessary next steps to continue on your path of fulfillment of your intention. It serves to create awareness, guide your decisions and awaken your intuitive wisdom that already knows the way beyond. 12 months of personal guidance and one-on-one counsel to support your soul journey, providing continuity of focus and attention, re-informing and affirming your own inner knowing.

  • Quarterly you receive a remote session to clear whatever is yet binding or limiting. These are check-ins to see what yet requires shifting to come into alignment or to expand into what is being birthed. It is an energetic attunement to clear anything that is not resonating with the mastery and manifestation of your intention.

  • End of year you will be honored in a celebration ceremony to integrate the wisdom and gifts received, to embrace the path you have chosen and to express gratitude for all that has occurred in The Way Beyond.

  • A custom medicine piece created by Teressena to support your journey onward.

  • Yes to Beyond!

    • 12 month process: $2888
    • Deposit to begin: $1555
    • Balance at 6 months:$1333



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