The Fifth Tarot – second edition


The Fifth Tarot – second edition

The Fifth Tarot deck set

A nice Video of teh decks second edition run through the Kickstarter campaign. Again thanks to all the supporters

Munay and Gratitude



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  1. Henry Stein says:

    Nothing can keep me from believing and maybe even knowing love is all there is. Still I am heartbroken. So many great Inventions and Ideas have been suppressed possibly because of a lack of love and a prevailing belief in so many good people that they can not change the world. I was a part of Thoth and Hermes but I feel over whelmed and helpless in this lifetime and far to vulnerable to negative thinking. I am afraid of saying the right thing to the wrong person or worse yet to someone who can’t handle it. I am stuck but still learning and hoping to wake up and share my power and blessings. and much more

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