The Fifth Tarot Curriculum

The Fifth Tarot is an evolutionary deck attuned to the energies of this amazing age in which we live. It incorporates the esoteric wisdom of tarot and adds aspects of our multi-dimensionality. The Fifth Tarot works with five suits to represent the five elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Ether. This curricululm prepares one to be adept at working with The Fifth Tarot both for personal transformation and as a professional tarot reader.

Enter the tarot mystery school!

The Fifth Tarot Certification Course

An in-depth study of the framework of tarot and the esoteric wisdom it contains. Explore the complex and multi-layered meanings of the cards. Learn practical  and intuitive reading skills. For readers, practitioners and professionals to add to your credentials and the services you offer.            

 10 module class.

Mystical World of the Major Arcana

The major arcana cards  represent primary archetypal energies we encouter on our soul journey. With costumes, props, essential oils and interactive play, the cards come alive, as you step into these powerhouses. An experiential immersion to embody the Majors!        Weekend class.

Alchemy of the Elements

An in-depth study of the five elements as a way to create balance and harmony; and as potent energies for manifestation through alchemy. Students work with each of the five elements in ceremony, creative exercises and card readings. Transformational!

3-day class.

Advanced Tarot Reading Skills

Hands-on practice with various spreads to develop your reading skills and expand your intutive skills. Become proficient at interpreting how the cards relate to each other and how to bring it all together in a way that is meaningful and relevant.         

 Weekend class.

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Sacred Space: Shamanism Curriculum

This is a comprehensive curriculum of the shamanic medicine way.

The 8 courses are designed to assist you in developing the specific medicine you carry

and in walking a sacred path in harmony within and without.

Teaching Class

8 Courses of Shamanic Study

Medicine Wheel Wisdom

Understanding the Medicine Wheel as a tool for personal healing and empowerment and as a means of attuning to the natural rhythm of Mother Earth and the unseen forces of Great Mystery.  

6 month class/ meets once a month.

Creating Sacred Ceremony

Learn how to create altars and ceremony, the importance of intention, directing energy and working with protection. Realize the potent power of ceremony to bridge the natural and supernatural realms.  

Weekend class.

Totems and Medicine

Identifying and developing relationships with your animal and plant totems. Explore the gifts crystals have to offer you. Gain a deeper understanding of your medicine and how to use it to be of service.          

Weekend class.

Sacred Path

Mayan and Native American  wisdom teachings and the Peruvian rites of the Munay Ki, to strengthen your commitment to walk the sacred path. Step in more fully as wisdom keepers and guardians of the Earth and the Stars.  

Weekend class.

Sacred Space Shamanic Study Curriculum continued…..

Elements & Alchemy

An immersion into the primary, creative forces of the elements inherent in all of creation. Learn how to amplify and direct the energy of the elements to create balance and harmony and for manifestation. Culminates with the alchemy of the five elements.  

Weekend class.

Shaman as Healer

Learn techniques and processes for being of service as a shamanic healer. Understand how to work with protection and the ethical practice of being a healer. Course involves practice sessions and case studies which are required to complete the course.      

Two weekends.

Conscious Dreaming

Practices and techniques for conscious dreamwork. Explore and experience the mystical world of dream journeying to other dimensions and alternate states of consciousness. The shaman assists in the unfolding of the Universal dream by consciously dreaming the world into being.  

Weekend class.

Advanced Energywork

Advanced techniques and processes addressing unusual cases and challenging circumstances as a shamanic healer. The Medicine Wheel Wisdom class and Shaman as Healer class with completed case studies are pre-requisites for this class.

 Weekend class.

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