One on One

Destiny of Becoming: 
expressing the magic of your soul’s journey 

What is this about?

Destiny of Becoming is an individual process for anyone focused on spiritual growth and their soul journey. It is about creating the life you are called and choose to live. By removing any limitations and remembering your innate creativity, you are free to expand and express your authentic self. Together, we transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, the mundane into the magical and remember that all life is sacred on your journey of becoming.

What will I experience?

Shamanic Healing Sessions – to remove imprints on an energetic, cellular and soul level.

Initiations and Cermeonies – to expand your gifts and discover your authentic self.

Tarot Readings and Divination – to gain clarity and direction that is attuned to your divine blueprint.

Creativity exercies – to tap into the unlimited cretive potential within, birthing the seeds of your dreams and your becoming.

Here’s what others who have experienced the Destiny of Becoming say:

To say that choosing to embark on “Destiny of Becoming has been anything short of life changing would be an understatement. It has ben and continues to be a most magical journey toward discovering and remembering my most authentic self! Thank you Teressena for being such a gentle, joyful and loving companion and guide on my soul’s journey of becoming.


The exercises and initiations experienced during ‘Destiny of Becoming’ have allowed me to experience myself in many new and empowered ways, providing tools I have since used daily to stay focues on my now, much clearer goals. Having dabbled in many paths, this has single-handedly been the most powerful few months of my life.


Destiny of Becoming was an integral part of an overall birthing porcess of a new direction in my life. Teressena’s ability to intuitively select the perfect activity or tool, sets this program apart from many others that I have used. Her creative and intuitive instincts combined with her gentle heart and spirit, produced a delightful experience. I highly recommend this!


How do I begin?

When you feel called to step into Destiny of Becoming and expressing the magic of your soul’s journey, here and now, contact Teressena for a free consultation at: or call 805-464-9918.


The Way Beyond:

A self-mastery program

     The Way Beyond is a year-long program and an invitation to evolve; to master our mind and focus our attention, so that our Attention matches our Intention.

The Way Beyond offers possibilities for us to make decisions and take decisive action to channel our energy into something greater than we may have even dreamed possible and bring it into manifestation. 

     After setting your intention, you will receive a customized essential oil blend and crystal gift that is attuned to your intention. Next we create a 13-Moon Spread that offers an overview and will be a guiding light to carry you through the process.  Includes:

12 Tarot Readings

Each month on a scheduled video call, you receive a tarot reading to bring into focus the necessary next steps to continue on your path of fulfillment. 12 months of personal guidance and one-on-one counsel, providing continuity of focus and attention, re-informing and affirming your own inner knowing.

3 Remote Sessions

Three remote sessions throughout the process to clear whatever is yet binding or limiting. These are check-ins to see what yet requires shifting to come into alignment or to expand into what is being birthed. It is an energetic attunement to clear anthing that is not resonating with the mastery and manifestation of your intention.

12 Months of personal guidance and counsel

At the end of the year, a celebration ceremony to integrate the wisdom and gifts received, to embrace the path you have chosen and to express gratitude for all that has occurred in The Way Beyond. You will receive a custom-created medicine piece by Teressena that expresses what has been mastered in the process.

Ready to begin?

For your free consultation, contact Teressena at:  or call: 805-464-9918.