RealmsThe Way Beyond 2023:

a self-mastery process for aligning and expanding…shining your light in the world!

Numerology of 2023

In numerology, the number 2023 carries the vibration of the 7. It represents wholeness and is associated with ascension and the quest for spiritual knowledge. It is both deep and wise, going beyond surface level to find the hidden wisdom and gifts. In tarot, 7 is the Chariot who uses focus and intention to drive her energy towards her vision and purpose.


Way Beyond 2023 is attuned to the energy of the 7. It offers you a way beyond your perceived limitations and a way beyond your greatest dreams.

When we delve deeply, we ascend radiantly!

This process assists you in:

– Shifting old patterns, thought forms and perceptions
– Finding greater awareness of your intuition and inner wisdom – Discovering and expanding your gifts and abilities
– Creating balance and harmony in your life
– Aligning with your true self and your divine blueprint
– Gaining a cosmic perspective in this grand new era

2023 Way Beyond is a customized process for individuals dedicated to their soul journey.

The process begins with an intake interview to set an intention and delve into what is calling you.
We then set a framework for the year with a reading using the 13 Moon Spread.
You will receive a crystal and essential oil blend that are aligned with your itention.
Each month we expand upon that framework with a creative expore, a session, reading, teaching or ceremony to continue to progress, integrate and fulfill your intention.

Way Beyond 2023 is a process for a conscious way of being… reserve your space today!

It’s time to Rise and Shine!

be my honor to support you on your journey and be the sacred witness of your Way Beyond!

Reciprocity: $3333. Deposit of $1555 through Venmo reserves your space.
To reserve your space in the Way Beyond, contact Teressena: or text 805-668-5001.


Here’s what others who have experienced the Way Beyond say:

To say that choosing to embark on this journey has been anything short of life changing would be an understatement. It has ben and continues to be a most magical journey toward discovering and remembering my most authentic self! Thank you Teressena for being such a gentle, joyful and loving companion and guide on my soul’s journey of becoming.


The exercises and initiations experienced have allowed me to experience myself in many new and empowered ways, providing tools I have since used daily to stay focus on my now, much clearer goals. Having dabbled in many paths, this has single-handedly been the most powerful few months of my life.


Destiny of Becoming was an integral part of an overall birthing process of a new direction in my life. Teressena’s ability to intuitively select the perfect activity or tool, sets this program apart from many others that I have used. Her creative and intuitive instincts combined with her gentle heart and spirit, produced a delightful experience. I highly recommend this!