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Shining Light in a Changing World

This website is a portal for awakening to the new paradigm. It is a gateway for expanding awareness and attuning to the music of the spheres. By connecting the Heart of the Earth with the Heart of the Sky, through our Heart of Hearts, we align with the cosmic energies of this amazing age and come into harmony within. The adjacent Video is your invitation to The Fifth Tarot class series. Enjoy!


For years we created Ceremonies at sacred sites, as all is shifting we choose our hearts to be the sacred site. As we listen to our hearts and take action we focus on our families and those right in our backyard, as well as send loving energies in our meditations to our global family.


Knowledge shared and then experienced becomes wisdom. Our experiential classes and retreats allow you to integrate the insights and gifts that are gleaned, expanding consciousness and attuning to your soul purpose.


In sessions we focus on well being and true being. We assist in clearing limitations and energy blocks, restoring light and vitality of our true essence. This type of work allows us to align with our divine blueprint and true self.

The Fifth Tarot-Second edition 

The Fifth Tarot is an evolutionary deck that combines the ancient esoteric wisdom of tarot with the energetic vibration of this amazing age. It is a tool that offers transformative insight into our multi-dimensional gifts, making it most relevant for today. The Fifth Tarot incorporates all five elements: fire, water, air, earth and ether, to bring balance and harmony to your life.

You can click to order your deck’. There will be a button for domestic and international. Shipping will be calculated according to your location.

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Return to the Earth and Dance among the Stars.

We are all connected through energy, breath and consciousness. The Universe is alive and speaks to us so we can understand who we are as cosmic beings. As we honor the Earth and All Our Relations we remember that we are part of an intricate design that is a grand expression of the Infinite. We are indeed stellar beings meant to shine!

Join in this cosmic awakening !


Well Being & True Being

Beacons of Love offer a variety of sessions to assist you in remembering wholeness and the truth of who you are!

Healing Session

Incorporates shamanic techniques, energy work and the ancient Eastern modality of BuQi. These sessions help clear limitations and restore light and life to your energy field.

Tarot Reading

Gain clarity and direction to  create the life you choose. Helps to understand the energies at play, so you can make optimal decisions. Become a conscious creator of your life.

Vibroacoustic Therapy

Restores balance with sound frequencies, transmitted through an InnerSoul Vibroacoustic Tranquility Liquid Sound Table. Experience a deep sense of relaxation that allows the body to heal.

Crystal Skull Session

Opheleah is a crystal skull, who transmits codes of light for healing, opening the heart and awakening consciousness. She transmutes, amplifies and activates energy. Open to the gifts she has to share.

Opportunities for Conscious Expansion

Through wisdom teachings, ceremony, healing, retreats and journeys, Beacons of Love offers light and guidance on your path as you express the I AM Presence you are.


A curriculum of shamanic study of the medicine whay. Courses are designed to help you develop the medicine you carry and to walk a sacred path in harmonic alignment.


A series of tarot classes, specifically geared towards the wisdom contained in The Fifth Tarot, to prepare you to read for yourself and others using this evolutionary deck, attuned to this amazing time we live in.


For in-depth and integrated experiential learning, attend one of our weekend retreats. From the Sacred Spiral to the Ancestors of Tomorrow Gathering, these weekend retreats are co-creative processes for personal and planetary change.


Custom-created, individualized processes to assist you in manifesting your dreams and consciously co-creating your life with Spirit. Depending on the intention for growth and expansion, we offer weekend intensive retreats and 6-month or year-long programs.


Inspiration & Beauty

Inspired by nature, dreams and visions, our creativity finds expression through lense, paint, fibers and pen, in gratitude to the Divine that flows through.


Photos that capture the essence, beauty and joy of life, where the light of the divine shines through.


Rich in color and texture, shamanic in nature, each painting is a portal inviting you to experience the depth of your inner landscape.


Adding light and color to the universal dream, weaving threads of beauty in the cosmic web of life. 


Sharing insight, wisdom and light to inspire, empower and offer hope in a changing paradigm.

O Glorious Opheleah 

O Glorious Opheleah is the story of the crystal skull known as Opheleah as told by her guardian, Teressena. The first-hand accounts of experiences with Opheleah offer insight into the tremendous gifts the crystal skulls have to share with humanity at this time.
Opheleah is a contemporary skull, a conduit of cosmic consciousness in this grand shift of an evolving age.
Listen to her wisdom and awaken the glorious being of infinite light YOU ARE!



Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“I saw Teressena at the recommendatin of a local doctor. I was experiencing strong sensations similar to seizures. I have worked in western medicine for over 10 years and knew they would likely treat me with mainstream medicine. With Teressena, I was confident we could take an active role in the movement and release of this energy. I was amazed that after two sessions and approximately three weeks, the sensations were gone. This occurred during relaxing, non-traumatic sessions. I am feeling more free and have chosen to continue to work with Teressena on my spiritual path. I highly recommend her.”

A. from San luis obispo

“My experiences in Palenque were mind blowing. Being welcomed by the founders of this powerful place at the same time I felt that I was transported to the time they came to Palenque, with the desire of helping us to evolve, ascend and complete our learning process in Earth, was spectacular. 
I wish that everyone who is in the path of discovering themselves, will find your Sacred Journeys and would dare to take a leap of faith and join both of you, so they can experience a quantum leap in their awakening and ascension as I did.
If I could, I will travel with you every year!”                                                      

Maria, Palm Beach Fl

“It is hard to put into words the experience of the journey I took to Mexico with the Bakens.  I had not been prepared for the beauty of the many locations we visited all rich in culture and spiritual consciousness. We participated in many rituals with the native people who opened their homes and hearts to us on the journey.  Many of the sites we visited had such strong vibrational energy that the effects could be felt long after leaving the location. I would recommend this journey to anyone who is looking for something that they may not have been sure they needed.”

Rebekah, Simi Valley Ca

About Us

In gratitude for all life experiences, for the people whose paths have converged with ours,
for the many blessings on this journey of life, we humbly share the gifts of our calling.

Martien Bakens

Achemist, Healer, Photographer

Teressena Bakens

Medicine Woman, Wisdom Keeper, Creatrix

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New Classes, events and happenings of our blessed lives!

The Path

Personalised Retreats

For 20 years we have organized small group journeys. We have traveled through the lands of the Maya and Olmeca, with great guides and teachers along the way. At some[…]

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The Fifth Tarot book

The Fifth Tarot

The Second edition of the Fifth Tarot, with the gilded edges and a small booklet is available. The cards are the same size yet as a small deck they are[…]

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The Fifth Tarot deck set

The Fifth Tarot – second edition

A nice Video of teh decks second edition run through the Kickstarter campaign. Again thanks to all the supporters Munay and Gratitude  

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