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Welcome to this Gateway Beyond! Many of us are experiencing huge shifts during these recent times that have afforded great opportunities of introspection and insight. As a planetary family we are asking ourselves what do we choose to create in this every changing world.

From France and our hearts, we invite our global family to explore new ways of creating balance and harmony in your life and in the world. We are indeed powerful creators and beings of Infinite Light! Through our journeys, retreats and sessions we bridge the mundane and the  mystical, raising our vibration to align with the new paradigm unfolding in this grand new age.


Transformative and Illuminating

Our inspiring group journeys to sacred sites are gateway to Illumination. Great wisdom, insight and gifts are gleaned through ceremony, initiation and experience. Together we dream the world into being as visionaries and bringers of the light. For those ready to serve and dedicated to great mystery.


individual or couples-

Individual or couples retreats are available for personal growth and expansion. Based on your intention we create space for wholeness, transformation and alignment. There one-on-one retreats are potent experiences that reach beyond anything that may have bound to outmoded ways of being so you can shine the light you truly are.


Ancient Art

The Sessions can be based on Shamanic wisdom or BuQi always guided by intuition. We work with you to shift those aspects no longer serving you and assist you to reach optimal well-being. We work on all levels of the physical, mental, emotional and energetic, often the session creates harmony and balance within your being and ‘light-ness’
Destiny of Becoming
La Tour Magdala
El Paraiso

20 Years of Mayan journeys

Over many moons we have conducted Mayan/Olmeca journeys guided often by our friends and mentors. Miguel Angel Vergara of CasaK’in and Jesus Fabian of Caminante Olmeca have been invaluable guides and partners in bringing you a true experience. Many had life changing and meaningful exchanges leading to a new way of accessing ones own life.

New call and  journey

The request of universal mother to continue and create from a visionary pool has congealed in a lovely journey. We begin our travel in Copan and connect with the cosmic serpent and jaguar. While the colorful Macaw flies overhead and awakens with sound. We will spend ample time  in ceremony at the site and also visit butterfly gardens and the Cacao plantation. From here we will venture to Quirigua to continue a visionary delight. The Zoomorphs are a representation of Universal consciousness sharing with us a way to manifest.  After several days of ceremony we are readied for the sinking in time. To integrate these magical concepts we will soak in the Rio Dulce arena in the sun and water and add ceremony there  for the process to be a part of you. You are the one you have been waiting for and you will know if this is your time for magic as part of a dedicated tribe. In La’kesh
gateway beyond

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From the heart of the Occitane the Madonna connects to the earth


– Martien Bakens CEO Bolt

In the Gorges and on the Mas, her roots reach into your heart

Abbey Alet

– Martien Bakens CEO Bolt

We invite you to experience peace on all levels

Banner Beacons of Love

– Martien Bakens CEO Bolt

Join us in the land of rich culture and Joie de Vivre

Limoux Place de la Republique

– Martien Bakens, Bolt esq.

Gifts of Expansion

The Fifth Tarot

The Fifth Tarot

Alchemy of Elements

An evolutionary deck that incorporated all five elements to create balance and harmony. Offers transformative insight into our multi-dimensional gifts. Combines the ancient esoteric wisdom of tarot with the energies of today. Button is for US orders only..

Cosmic Odyssey

Cosmic Odyssey

Awakened Archetypes

A visionary fiction novel that helps us perceive of who we are as Cosmic beings on a grand collective adventure, defining a new age. Contains a rich array of esoteric wisdom, metaphysical knowledge and universal truths

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however we like to keep you appraised of all exciting news, allow us to have the experiences and integrate so we can share them in an appropriate manner
Personalised Retreats

Personalised Retreats

For 20 years we have organized small group journeys. We have traveled through the lands of the Maya and Olmeca, with great guides and teachers along the way. At some point the fledglings had to leave the nest and we have done so several years ago. We always enjoy when...

The Fifth Tarot

The Fifth Tarot

The Second edition of the Fifth Tarot, with the gilded edges and a small booklet is available. The cards are the same size yet as a small deck they are offered at the affordable price of $24.95...

The Fifth Tarot
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Cosmic Odyssey
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Inner Soulutions
Luminar Neo


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