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Holistic retreat


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Spiritual Retreat

Individual or couples retreats are available for personal growth and expansion. Based on your intention we create space for wholeness, transformation and alignment. These retreats are potent experiences to reach beyond the beyond, to remember your true essence and radiate your light and gifts in the world.

Banyuls Bliss Retreat

Banyuls sur Mer, Fr 66650


(033) 7 846 75005

Energy Work

Transformation and Illumination

Shamanic Healing

Based in shamanic wisdom and Buqi and guided by intuition we work with you to shift those aspects of limitation and assist you to create balance and harmony within. We work on all levels of the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies for your optimal well-being.

Sacred Ceremony

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Shamanic ceremony is a way to engage in the mystery of the Sacred. It allows us to bridge the natural and super-natural worlds. through ceremony with sound, sacred geometry and meditation, we activate the light-body and anchor into the infinite, within the here and now.


Tour de Madeloc

The journey begins at the chapel of Notre Dame de Salette with offerings for your intention. The rocky trail up the mountain challenges the body and strengthens one’s resolve. At the precipice of the mountain, we come upon the Tour de Madeloc where we create ceremony for release with the Archetypal energy of the major Arcana card, the Tower. This pilgrimage completes at the sea with re-birth and celebration.

Tarot and Oracle Reading

As creators of both The Fifth Tarot and the Cosmic Odyssey oracle deck, we offer in-depth readings that bring clarity, insight and understanding. The readings provide a direcrtion for the big picture of what is calling you and helps to focus on the next steps of the journey.

T'Ai Chi & Yoga

On the terrace or on the beach, wherever the mood and morning croisant bring you

Banyuls Bliss Retreat

Banyuls sur Mer, France 66650

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(033) 7846-75005