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Experience the natural wonders of the Pyrenees Orientales where the mountains meet the Sea Choose from the many options featured here and we will customise according to your interests..

Collioure Magnifique

This picturesque village is a Mediterranean port, featuring a 13th century castle, a fort dating from Roman times, an ornate catherdral built for Louis the XIVth and a humble chapel dedicated to sailors lost at sea. An iconic lighthouse completes the fairy tale image of this marvelous artist town.

Queribus Path

Cathar Fortresses

Perched in the rocky precipices are three of the medieval fortresses that gave refuge to the Cathars, Queribus, Peyrepertus and Puillaurens. As the last strongholds, they speak to the dedication and commitment to their path and give one pause to reflect on one’s own soul journey.

Carcassonne ramparts


A UNESCO world-heritage site, Carcassone is a fortified settlement, dating from pre-Roman times and in its present form is an outstanding example of Medieval and Gothic architecture. The stained-glass windows, lofty arches and majestic columns of the Cathedral elevate the spirit. The cobbled streets are alleys awaiting discovery. It is the largest walled medieval city in Europe and a true treasury of France.

Le Canigou

Sacred mountain since time immemorial , a wonderful source of strength and resourcefullness. In the spring at the feast of St John a ceremonial fire is lit here and carried to all the surrounding villages and townships. This is done to commemorate the Boinne homme and celebrate new life

Gorges de galamus

Magdalene Grotto

Built in the cliff-side of the Gorges de Galamus is the Hermitage de St. Antoinne, within which is the chapel dedicated to the Magdalene. water drips from the cave walls forming a natural font. Light filters in from an opening in the roof, inviting one to the mystical realm of the Magdalene.

Rennes le Chateau

Magdalene tower

Further afield, Rennes les Chateaux is the site of the Magdalen tower and chapel. A mystical site surrounded in legend, lore and wisdom of the sacred feminine energy of the Magdalene.

Banyuls Retreat

Banyuls sur Mer ,France,  66650

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